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Meet our staff

Our staff is a family of compassionate, skilled professionals who listen to and love, laugh with and cry with, teach and learn from, believe in and appreciate the strong and resilient families we serve.
We recognize where they have been, accept them where they are, and have faith in where they have the potential to go. To learn more about our staff members, click on their names.

Arlesia Bailey
Mariela Hernandez-Bartolomei
Eunice Hobbs
WaKeisha McGee
Angela Mason
Tim Wyse
Ana Phommachanh
Happy Salinas-Santos
Rebecca Finkel
Shaquita Bell, MD
Leann Smith
Sylvia Bengisoy
Benjamin Danielson, MD
Happy Salinas-Santos, ARNP
M.A. Bender, MD, PhD
Ken Feldman, MD
Lenna Liu, MD, MPH
Jim Stout, MD,MPH
Seema Mhatre, LICSW, MPH
Jo Montgomery, ARNP
Gabrielle Seibel, ARNP
Antwanette Lyons
Crystal Lyons

Kimberly Heeter
Clezetta Bardwell
Chris Delecki, DDS
Seok Bee Lim, DMD
Alberto Enrico, DDS
Geoffrey Greenlee, DDS, MSD
Yoo-Lea Yea, DDS, MSD

Megan Frye
Erin Grady
Mark Fadool, MS, LMHC
David Ingram, MSW, LICSW
Andrea Pascarelli, Psy.D.
Leafar Espinoza, PhD, MPH
Florence Smith
William French, MD

Hope Lopez
Amy Andersen
Rosie Moore
Oriana Souers-Dilley

Mark Fadool, MS, LMHC - Clinical Director of Mental Health Services

Mark Fadool, MS, LMHC
Clinical Director of Mental Health Services

Mark Fadool knew early on in life that he wanted to pursue a career working with kids because of his own experience as an adopted child.

The Pittsburgh native says that his mother instilled in him that “goodness prevails,” and he has carried that message with him throughout his career, which included working for the Peace Corps in the Central Pacific for several years.

Now the Mental Health Clinical Director at Odessa Brown, “It’s rewarding to see relationships mended and behaviors improved,” Mark says of working with patients and their families.

Mark earned his Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Principia College in Illinois and his Master’s in counseling from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.

Before coming to OBCC, Mark worked for the Primetime Program, which was dedicated to working with children of color who are often underserved or not served at all.

Working here, Mark admires the commitment the clinic has to being a positive, stable influence for children, families and the community.

Now a father himself, Mark loves to play with his young son, Taj, and to listen to the laughter of his little boy and his wife, Seema (who also works at OBCC). A dog named Zeek rounds out the family.

In Mark’s free time, he enjoys playing sports, cooking and taking vacations to tropical destinations.

“Sometimes, the process of getting into mental health care or the stigma about those services can be barriers to giving families what they need to be healthy and happy,” he said. “We are eliminating those barriers by giving them easy access.”

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